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Information Technology

Whether you need a new tactical plan, or an update to your strategic plan, Northern Exposure Consulting can help. We work with your people to create the plan you need in the time-frame that you need it. And Northern Exposure Consulting can provide temporary resources necessary to accomplish the task.

Successful information management solutions require attention not only to information technology, but also an understanding of the principles of information science, management, and user needs.

Information Technology—
Strategic Planning and Implementation

  • Identify existing IT capabilities and functions
  • Analyze baseline and target architectures
  • Gather and document corporate view of IT principles and direction
  • Develop migration and implementation plans
  • Conduct requirements analyses

Change Management—
Project Management and Implementation

  • Facilitate change within your organization by working with all stakeholders
  • Implement project management processes to ensure successful changes to technology, processes, and people
  • Develop and deploy appropriate measurement to ensure that management is "in the loop" and "in the know"

Key Benefits of Change Management

  • Reduced project risk
  • Knowledge transfer; your people will be part of the process and will learn to continue the process long after our consultants have departed
  • Enhanced control of your technology and business projects

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