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Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Chief Information Officers are senior executives responsible for all aspects of a company's systems and information technology infrastructure. CIOs direct the use of Information Technology (IT) to support their company's goals. With knowledge of both technology and business process and a cross-functional perspective, CIOs are usually the managers most capable of aligning the organization's business strategy with its technology deployment strategy. A CIO has to understand what makes every part of the business tick and must continually tune and sometimes replace the tickers.

Northern Exposure Consulting can provide a CIO on a short-term basis to assist businesses bridge their technology needs, whether due to a growth in business or a temporary shortage of personnel. Northern Exposure Consulting also is available to help your organization interview and select candidates for your technology intensive position.

Key Benefits

  • Fill short-term requirements without the need to make a long-term financial commitment
  • Determine resource need prior to long-term commitment
  • Reduce risk and cost to the organization
  • Enhance flexibility

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